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exhibit history

aerobic sound | +3

air cannon | +3

air chair

air scribe

alligator tank

alternate energy

amazing adaptations

amazing bodies


animal sounds

anti-gravity mirror


arch bridge 

archaeological dig | +3

art pylons

art to the moon

artists speak media

ask good questions

assemble deinonychus

astroblaster | +3


babies and nursing

baby garden

balance | +10

ball fall | +9

ball range

bank/atm (non-mechanical)

bankshot basketball

basic properties of matter

beam walk

bed of nails | +14

beehive | +2

bell curve ball fall

bell fountain


bernoulli blower | +5

bernoulli fountain | +2

bernoulli station


biofeedback | +6

body music

body sounds exploration | +3

bookstand/book bench

bottle rocket

bottle walls

braille touch

brain teasers

bridge building | +4

building blocks table

bumble bee maze

can wall

capillary racer

capstan fan ball fall

capstan fan | +2

car crash

car dashboards

cardio discovery table

cargo temp wall


cart wrangler | +3

central station

changing gallery

chaotic pendulum | +3

classification lab

climb wall | +5

climber | +2

coin & dice toss

collection case

collection drawers

color helmet

color mixing | +5

color reversal

conservation ang. momentum

conveyer belt



crossstaff and quadrant

crush a can

dancing magnets | +4

dancing trees | +3

demo area | +5

design with nature

dino identification

discovery boxes

disgusting distances

dish clap

distribution of mass | +10

dream see what imagine

ecg station | +10

echo tube

electric circuits | +10

electric generator | +5

electric motor | +5

endurance | +7

entry structures

environmental elements

estuary maze

explore stations

extract a fossil

fasteners and locks

Fermat/Pascal problem

fiber optic forest

fingerprint yourself | +4

flexibility | +8

flying machine | +3

forensic skeleton

Fresnel lenses

game tables and activities

gas pump seats and fart video

gear wall | +10

generation station

geological dig

geological specimens

giant lever | +10

globe at night mural

good lung/bad lung


great balancing act

great beginnings

grip | +11

gross up close


growth station

gyro bike wheel

gyro briefcase | +6

hand crank bikes

hand phenakistoscope

hand cranked propeller

hand truck

hang out

hanging fabric maze


head on a platter | +6

heart pump challenge | +6

hereditary games

hidden object touch


horizontal animation | +6

horizontal animation make it table​ 

hot and cold | +2

hotplates | +5

how have your changed

how old are you really

how tall are you | +10

human skeleton assembly | +5

human systems


hydraulic arm wrestling

hydro energy storage

hydrogen ping-pong launcher | +4

i spy



inner and outer space slide table

insulation exhibit

Jean Dupuy Cone Pyramid

joints table | +2


jumping rings

kaleidoscopes | +13

keep it lit

kenavision cart

kid powered fan

kinetic kitchen

knot tying

lariat chain 

laser depot | +2

laser harp | +17

laser jam

laser light show

laser oscilloscope

laser sound

laser spy

lazy susan music boxes

lie detector | +4

light bright

light up the grid



loom | +3

macro fossil

magnet building wall | +3

magnet sculpture wall

magnetic critters

magnetic levitation

magnetic pendulum | +3

magnetic poetry

magnetic ring launcher | +6

make a bottle cap

Malcolm's odyssey


matting maze

measure femur

micro fossil

microbe microscopy

microscope simulator

microscope w/blood slides

microscope, compound

microscope, stereo

mini power polls

mini see wall

mirror masters

mirror reverse

mirror tower

mirrorly a window | +3

mobile construction lab

morse code

move bones rev


multimedia stations

muscle and bone microscope

music tower

my changing body

name this collection

native plants room structures

navigation game

newton's cradle

noodle forest

ocyclinderscope | Norman Tuck

opti music

optics lab

pattern talk | +3

pattern trace

pedaling legs



tennis ball launcher | +24



thousand to one | +5

three bulb comparison

tile maze

toddler bench

topological puzzles

touch for sound | +5

touch tank

touch tunnel

turntable generator

upside down and backwards | +7

valve challenge | +3

velcro wall

video light micro | +7


waking tunnel

wall plates

water play

water pump

wave chain

wave ladder | +2

wave table

what are you afraid of

what do you collect

what is electricity multimedia station

what's eating you

what’s happening

whisper dish

will I or won't I

wind tunnel testing lab

wind tunnel

wireframe animation

world beat

worldwide masks

wrecked car

x-ray comparison light table

year of cigarettes

you judge the risk

personal traits

pinball water cycles

pitch match

pizza area | +4

planetary odyssey

plank boat

plex mirrors

plot a course

plumbing build


polarized minerals

polarizing stress analysis | +5

polarizing table

popsicle wall

post and panel | +2

power balance | +4

power pole structures

power pole voting

power pump seats | +8

power station | +4

promise board

propagation greenhouse

pull out intestine | +2

pulleys | +29

puppet theater

put it to work

racetrack | +8

racing wheelchairs | +7

radiometer wall

rain sticks

random dot autostereogram

rate the risk

reaction time | +10


resonant disks

resource area

robot lab

roll the bones

roller coaster ball fall | +7

roller coaster events | +2

rope maze | +5

rope puzzles | +3

safes | +10

sailboats | +5

scanning electron microscope

science depot

scope on a rope | +4

sediment tube

see through a brick | +5

SEM simulator


shape store

skeleton door opener | +8

slap pipes | +5

smart meters

smell library

sneeze station

solar readout

solar spotter

sound lab

sound reflector/absorber

sound traveler

sound wave tube | +3

sounds of the bay

sound stick

soup of life

speaker making | +5

spin browser

spinner fans

spinner fountain

spinner illusion | +3

spiral fountain


spotting scope

squirm palm (dots)

squish a penny

star trace | +7

steam engine

stereo viewing

stress analysis

strobe fan | +8

strobe string | +10

stroboscope analysis lab

stroller park

Stroop test

sun spotter




teeth collection table

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numerical values represent number of units fabricated by CW Shaw Inc

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